Friday, July 29, 2011

I Want Your Job: Fashion Designer Anthony Williams Dishes on Styling for Vh1's 'Single Ladies'


I was SO excited today when I discovered a behind-the-scenes look into the life of Anthony Williams, stylist on the hit Vh1 show Single Ladies and national fashion director at Macy's. **squeal!**

If you don't watch Single Ladies, you are missing out on a fashion overdose, boo! I tune in just to see what the girls are wearing more so than to actually follow the show's storyline. The clothes are really THAT good partly because of Anthony's hard work.

Anthony got his start in fashion at a young age growing up in Birmingham, AL. "Where I grew up, it seemed there wasn’t a lot of beauty so I had to create it and that’s how I got my start," Anthony told Fashion Bomb Daily. His first job in fashion was as a sales associate at Neiman Marcus where he soaked up retail smarts and started paving his way. "I started at the bottom in accessories, then I moved to handbags, and then to the dress collections."

While continuing to pursue his fashion dreams, Anthony sprang into the limelight as a contestant on season 7 of Project Runway. He didn't win first place, but you know what they say: When God closes one door he opens another, and that's exactly what happened to Anthony. After the show, he was approached by the folks at Single Ladies to be in charge of stocking Stacey Dash's closet for the upcoming drama series.

His advice for those wanting a career as a celeb stylist? “Don’t always run to celebrities," Anthony advises. "Search instead for people who celebrate your craft and who you are. If they respect you, they will pay you.”

In addition to styling, Anthony is also a fashion director for the retail giant Macy's. "[My job at Macy's] allow me to travel the country and make people aware of what the current fashion trends are," Anthony explains in the clip below.

Get into this footage to learn more about Anthony and his glam gig. You can keep up with Anthony via his Facebook page and by following him on Twitter at @SewAnthony.

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