Friday, July 15, 2011

Watch This: Steve Stout Dishes on Taking Risks and Following Your Gut

EXCLUSIVE: Steve Stoute's "Dare.Dream.Do" Target Commercial! from the.LIFE Files on Vimeo.

This video really spoke to me. Steve Stoute is the founder of Translation, a hugely successful advertising and marketing firm. I haven't written a detailed post about my current career journey because I'm waiting for my experience to "peak" so-to-speak. For now, I will share with you that in January of this year when I quit my job I. Was. Terrified.

But six weeks later -- a mere SIX WEEKS later! -- a chance encounter in the train station -- the massive NEW YORK CITY subway! -- led to the job of my dreams. I still get chills when I think about how that happened. And hearing Steve's story in this video really keeps me encouraged.

You gotta take a risk. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

"I left a big job and put it all on the line to go become a partner at an advertising agency in an industry that I was very new to at 30 years old. But it felt right. It felt like I could, if I bet on myself, I could accelerate my growth within that industry."

"If your gut instinct tells you that it's right, then I don't associate that with risk. I think it's risk when you don't follow your guy instinct. There's something innately within you that says 'This makes sense.' For you not to follow that, you're actually betting against yourself."

"As long as I'm honest about my beliefs and I'm honest about what wakes me up in the morning and go 'Yeah I want to do this,'and I don't allow the fear of risk or fear itself interfere with my beliefs, then I'll be happy. That would be pursuing my dreams. I always wanted to do something I was passionate about and I believed in."

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