Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nicole, where have you been?!?!

Hi everyone...I know it has been waaaaaay too long since my last post. You are probably thinking that I abandoned you and fell off the face of the earth. NOT TRUE!

As of late, I have been dedicating the bulk of my free time to prepping for my first, Olympic-distance triathlon. Yes, you heard that right, I am going to be swimming 1 mile, biking 25 miles, and running 6 miles as a triathlete with Team in Training . The race is in July and this past month of training has been extremely grueling, to say the least. I attend group training sessions three times each week, and I do three solo workouts on my own. So needless to say, a sista is TIRED! It has taken my body a while to get accustomed to the workouts. After several hard workouts, I started to feel like there was no fuel left in my tank. I have sore spots all over my body from working muscles I didn't even know existed. But, this challenge is something that I am greatly looking forward to and very excited about. I always preach about time management, and now my own time management skills are being put to the test! My body and mind have adjusted to my strict training schedule and I'm confident that I can get back on track with my weekly blog updates-I pinky promise!

I'll be posting updates about my progress on my Team in Training website. Feel free to check it out, donate, or drop a note of encouragement-I will definitely need it! Thanks for the love and support, fam!


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