Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Network with Bobbi Brown and her beauty team

Beauty junkies listen up! Your chance to meet Bobbi Brown is here! The infamous beauty businesswoman will be sharing makeup tips tomorrow at Bloomingdale's in NYC

Where: Bloomingdale’s 59th Street
1000 Third Avenue -Main Floor, Cosmetics
When: April 15th 10am-1pm

Meet Bobbi Brown after your makeup application then have your picture taken by a professional photographer in the Beauty Studio. Book an appointment to update your look for the season with one of Bobbi's senior artists. Beauty Team Artists will be available to assist afternoon appointments until 5pm. Call 212.705.2055 to book your appointment.

While this is your chance to learn about spring beauty trends, it can be a great networking opportunity too. If you're interested in a career in beauty, you'll get an inside view on the what it takes to start a career as one of Bobbi's Beauty Team Artists. There's absolutely nothing wrong with exchanging contact info with a beauty rep while getting your bronzer applied! Besides, after snooping around online, I found this blurb on Bobbi Brown's corporate website:

All roads within our company start with Makeup Artistry. Whether you work as one of our Business Managers, Sales Artists, Account Executives or Education Executives, servicing your client with extraordinary artistry skills and keen product knowledge is the foundation of your success. Being a Makeup Artist with Bobbi Brown is more about helping a woman discover her own beauty while teaching her how to best enhance it- naturally. Our brand is simple, clean and modern and our Artistry Teams exemplify this feeling. You'll receive the training in both artistry and product that will take you on a career path that leads to a promising future.

Take the first step. Check out the Bobbi Brown beauty event, mix & mingle with the beauty team, and take advantage of the opportunity to expand your network. You've gotta start somewhere!

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