Monday, January 4, 2010


It's a new year! Can you believe it? I'm usually not one for any new year's resolutions, however, when it comes to blogging, I've resolved to make a few major changes. It's time to take Glam Gigs to a whole new level.

When I created this blog exactly one year ago, I had myself in mind. Growing up in the inner city of Detroit, I realized that I had a love of fashion and beauty at a young age. (That cute little fashionista pictured above? That's me at the age of five). The only thing that brought me joy was dressing up my dolls or playing in mama's makeup. It turned into an obsession when my mother bought me a sewing machine for my 16th birthday. I was hooked. I spent all my free time watching the Style network and cutting up sheets to have fabric to practice sewing. Fashion magazines began to pile up in my bedroom so high, that my mother purchased new shelving units for my room to house them all.

Looking back on my childhood, I realize that there was one thing missing: someone to show me all of the vast career opportunities that the fashion world has to offer. Luckily, I turned out to be quite ambitious, scoring a full-ride to get my degree in fashion merchandising. Opportunities to study in London, England, and intern in New York City were also blessings along my journey. During my early days in fashion, I was also fortunate to pick up a handful of awesome mentors, all of whom I am still very close to today.

Since starting my career in fashion, I have vowed to set an example for students interested in this industry. Oftentimes when I meet a young fashion follower, he or she will say to me, "I would like to have a career in fashion, but I just don't know where to start." It really breaks my heart, but at the same time, it gives me the fuel I need to to keep mentoring and keep setting a positive example. Outside of New York and LA, there really aren't a lot of resources for young people interested in fashion, beauty, and retail. If I were to win the lottery tomorrow, the first thing I'd do is install a fashion education office in every high school in America. (I really would!) But since I don't play the lotto, I've decided that I need to pour my heart into this blog. Perhaps some young girl somewhere will read about someone that will inspire her to dream big. Perhaps a high school student will learn about a scholarship that will help pay for a semester abroad in Milan or Paris. Perhaps someone who was just laid off will find the courage to follow her heart and pursue a new career in beauty. Perhaps someone will take what they love and make it their LIFE!.....

That's my goal :-)
Nicole Marie


  1. That's What's UP!!!! I LOVE IT! Happy New Year S*Cubed :-)

  2. Wishing GlamGigs a successful and prosperous New Year!

    Love that pic! Guess mama was a little fashionista herself ;-)