Monday, November 30, 2009

Italian fashion house Gucci has made a number of changes to its staff, reports Women's Wear Daily. I LOVE reading news like this because it always intrigues me to learn about new positions that are available in the fashion and retail industry. Have you ever met someone who is a director of worldwide entertainment industry relations? I haven't, but that sounds like an AWESOME gig!

Here are some of the recent changes that were made at Gucci:
  • Previously the Senior Executive Director of Special Events and Corporate Partnerships, Susan Chokachi has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Gucci America, a new post.

  • Lila Staab, previously at Giorgio Armani, is Gucci's new director of worldwide entertainment industry relations.

  • Alice Bon, another former Giorgio Armani-employee, is now the new director of worldwide product editorial, archive and public relations at Gucci.

  • At Gucci Japan, Mina Nemichi has been picked as director of marketing and communications.

  • In Italy, J.J. Martin has been appointed director of worldwide public relations, special events and promotions, to be starting on Monday.

  • Jenny Galimberti is the new director of communications for the U.K. and for global brand partnerships

  • Annalisa Dimonte has been chosen for the new role of worldwide relational marketing director.


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