Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lisa new Glam Gigs Icon

Throughout my career, whenever I've wanted to accomplish a goal, I would always start by finding someone who has already achieved a similar mission. Then, I'd just follow in their footsteps. I consider this practice the art of emulation...

I've been working in the jewelry biz for all of three weeks and I've targeted my next Glam Gigs Icon: Lisa Finkelstein. She works as the the head of product and design for J.Crew jewelry. If you haven't been into J.Crew lately to check out their marvelous collection of baubles and bangles, then please RUN and do so ASAP. They have some seriously glorious jewelry! I have a few pieces in my personal collection. Lisa is also admirable because she attended the famed Central St. Martins in London, and I also went to fashion school in London. I feel like she and I have a connection-I really do. She truly inspires me.

I Googled Lisa and I came across this scan of her profile that was featured in Marie Claire. (And since I'm a fashion mag junkie myself, of course I was able to find the actual mag in my archives-YESSS!!) There is another profile of Lisa and her two sisters in this month's issue of Real Simple.

If anyone knows anyone who knows someone who has a contact that may know someone who knows someone that knows Lisa, I would LOVE to meet her. You know how I feel about networking...

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