Monday, March 2, 2009

Speaking of NYWICI...Look what I found

After I posted the information about the Career Roundtables, I visited the NYWICI website and found these pictures of me from their Communications Conference back in November 2008.

You can view more pics from the conference by clicking here.
Photos property of Maryanne Rusell & Associates.
Seeing these pics has inspired me to share a few tips and tricks for standing out at any mega-networking event.

1. Wear something bright. See that big yellow scarf I'm wearing? In a sea of black and gray suits, it's something no one would miss.

2. Always sit in the front. Run, hop, skip, jump, ride a skateboard, do whatever you have to do to make sure you get a front-row seat. This also helps you make a beeline straight for the panelists after the session ahead of the massive crowds.

3. Ask tons of questions. It will also make you more memorable to the panelists. Plus, anytime I get the mic in my hand I slide in a few quick bragging points while introducing myself. Key word="QUICK" ...don't ramble on and on and on about yourself....

4. Follow-up the same day. As soon as you get home, break out those business cards and start emailing your new contacts. Quick follow-up shows you are really driven and eager to make a meaningful connection.


  1. I find that for the fellas, a subtle but noticeable colored shirt/tie combination works for that brightness i.e. a muted teal for shirt with my navy pinstripe suit. Thanks for all the other tips!!!

  2. This is great information for anyone interested in a career in fashion. It's wonderful to see sistas helping other sistas. Congrats girl!

  3. Cool post! Who is the woman in the last photo? I think I used to work with her at Hearst Corp.