Tuesday, January 27, 2009

And then some...

I read this online earlier and found it to be really inspiring... We can all rise to the challenge of going above and beyond-going the extra mile- in everything we do...

Recently I heard an amazing business owner sum up his success in three simple words - "and then some". "I discovered at an early age,” he said, “that most of the differences between average and top people can be explained in three words. The top people did what was expected of them- and then some. They were thoughtful of others; they were considerate and kind – and then some. They met their obligations and responsibilities fairly and squarely – and then some. They were good friends to their friends, and could be counted on emergency – and then some. I figure that if I put other people first and make excellence the standard in everything I do, I will really be living – and then some!"

What do you think?


  1. Road Trip,

    I think this an excellent mantra to incorporate into this new year. I've heard a lot of people saying how "09 is their time to shine" but if it truly is, then, "and then some" needs to be a part of their daily vernacular!

  2. I think he's right. I love the quoute, "It's not your aptitude but your attitude that determines your altitude." I'm don't know who said it though.