Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Glam Gig Monitor: Beauty Writer for Sephora, San Fran, CA

Job Title : Beauty Writer
Company: Sephora
Industry: Internet/Online/New Media
Job Duration: Full Time
Job Location :San Francisco, CA USA

Job Requirements
Wanted: A clever and creative writer who lives and breathes beauty. You can convince anyone that they need the newest mascara innovation (no questions asked) and can create impactful, enticing copy for less-than-glamorous products (like acne treatments). Sephora is looking for a beauty writer in our San Francisco office. The ideal candidate has 1-3+ years experience writing about beauty, health and/or fashion online and in print, the ability to think on your feet and write with wit, strategy, and speed. Experience with social media and non-traditional marketing is a big plus.

Your day-to-day will include thinking up sharp, compelling copy for:
E-mail marketing campaigns
Sephoras Beauty & the Blog (
Sephoras Facebook Fanpage (
Sephoras Twitter (@sephora)
Printed pieces
Sephora stores

Address your resume and CVL to Ms. Mari Tzikas. Apply here

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