Monday, July 13, 2009

Johnica Reed & the Priority Pie Chart

There are some people in life who leave a lasting impression on you. Johnica Reed is one of them. After hearing Johnica speak tonight on the Raise the Bar Young Savvy Power Call, I was immediately prompted to re-evaluate some of my life priorities. During the call, Johnica spoke (quite humbly) about just how fantastic she is. She recently quit her full-time, high-profile gig in DC to pursue her love of travel writing. In just three short months, Johnica has covered a gazillion topics while traveling the globe. (The folks at Canon love her so much, that they agreed to sponsor her, loaning her camera equipment to document her travels. ****staring at my Sony CyberShot in disgust****)

My original thoughts were to post a nice, neat recap of the interview just to show you how GLAM Johnica's freelance gig is. But something that she said really inspired me to instead take some time to make a pie chart of how I visualize the next quarter of 2009. (When Johnica was in the 7th grade, she made a chart, so I figured I'd try it too.) Here's how it panned out:

1. As you probably assumed, I have to dedicate the majority of my time to work. I just started a new job that I am TOTALLY in love with. I am truly blessed to be able to pursue my passion for jewelry and fashion accessories.

2. The next largest slice of the pie goes to Delta and Raise the Bar Young Savvy. I have been very fortunate to be elected to the executive board of my DST chapter for the next two years. It's going to be a TON of work, but Delta is so good to me, it's a joy to serve my sorority. RTBYS is also like my child. I'm the membership director and I work with a PHENOMENAL group of women. And there are no words to describe our founder, Coach Dee Marshall. She's A-Maz-Ing. I need to devote more time to really get the org off the ground. I'm looking forward to seeing us grow far and large by the end of the year.

3. Fifteen percent of my time will go towards Glam Gigs. Listening to Johnica talk about her journaling adventures made me want to SCREAM. I miss the writer's life- free media passes, interviewing interesting people, hopping around to new and exciting places. Johnica also spoke about the importance of being an example and teaching our youth about all the different opportunities available to them. I get so many emails, tweets, and Facebook messages from young girls and my peers wanting to know "how can I break into the fashion industry?" will be my outlet to reach back and pull forward. In the future, I also want to start a program called My Fashion Future, which helps young girls explore careers in fashion, beauty, and retail. I have alot of ideas and programs brewing in my mind for my site. I REALLY need to find a blog designer too!

4. Ten percent of my life will go to my friends, family, and boo. It sounds kind of strange that I would devote a smaller percentage to this area of my life, but my family is in Detroit so I don't see them that much anyway. Also, my friends are busy grinding too, so that takes care of them. Let's just say about 7 out of this 10% will go to the boo. This percentage may increase for the next quarter if he plays his cards right :-)

5. The last little 10 percent is split between "Nicole time" and GMAT prep. Really, I consider all of the above "Nicole time" because I enjoy doing them so much, it doesn't feel like work. But I do LOVE working out, and recently I've been taking boxing lessons, so I will not skimp out there (especially since I paid good money for them.) Boxing makes me feel powerful and strong. Also, I want to go to business school, but I really won't start digging into that section until September when my GMAT class starts. So for now, I'll just keep researching grad schools, looking at programs, etc. Nothing too intense.

I think that sums it up. Thank you Johnica for a great call tonight! In the words of the great Ms. Reed "When you think you've done enough, do more." It's time for me to do it big!

Learn more about Johnica by following her on twitter. Also check out her articles on Uptown Social and Clutch mag online.

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  1. Sista/Friend, a priority pie chart is a great idea. As long as you give a little wiggle room for something else that might come up. lol. I actually started a productivity log (notes on my palm pre - nothing major). So I can have a idea of what I really do all day & make sure it's productive! Even if it's socializing, which you know I do very well. haha.

    Great ideas! Keep it up! Love ya!