Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My New Job!!

Guess what?...


Now let me rewind a bit...

I launched Style Career Connect in January of this year midway through my own personal and quite grueling job search. I was on the brink of a layoff due to my company's restructuring, but with God's grace, I remained gainfully employed. Even with a new position within my company, I was still itching for a new challenge. So after scouring through resume book after resume book, making lunch and coffee dates with everyone in my address book, and staying up until 3AM applying for jobs online, I figured my blog would be a good way to share everything I was learning while generating some positive karma of my own... "Give and it shall be given unto you..."

As I searched high and low for a new opportunity and read tons of job postings, I began to realize the kinds of positions that appealed to me the most. Creative? Check. Located in NYC? Check. Small, close knit company. Check. And the biggest requirement of them all? I wanted to return to jewelry and accessories. (I worked as an assistant buyer in jewelry and accessories for about a year at the old gig). With that part of my job search narrowed down I began to DIG. I mean reeeeaaaalllly DIG. And then came along Karen...

Karen was my former sales rep at a company called Orion Fashions. Orion makes and manufactures fashion jewelry and my old company bought and developed jewelry through Orion. Karen and I stayed in touch after I moved from that department and would occasionally send an email to check-in on one another. Long story short, I sent her my resume in March, she forwarded it to her boss, I went in for two interviews in April and May and my first day at work was yesterday! I joined the Orion team as a merchandiser, which means I am responsible for designing, developing, sourcing, and merchandising our various jewelry and accessories collections to show buyers who shop our line. I am beyond thrilled to have this new role!

I have to tell you how OBSESSED with jewelry I am. Actually, I'll just show you. Here are a few snapshots of my personal collection.
There's a three drawer storage bin on top of my dresser for necklaces...and a big zebra-print box on top of that full of more jewelry-and a box of jewelry that arrived today in the mail from Canada that I ordered on E-bay (And that's mama in the back)

This drawer is just a mish-mash of stuff earrings mostly...one box for pearls..and some sunglasses + headbands

These are shoe boxes full of jewelry on the floor that i keep hidden under the dresser...one is for big statement earrings, the center box is for colored shell necklaces, and the right one is for wood
All the colored bangles have their own drawer...

And all the gold bangles have their own drawer...

My earrings are sorted in little cubby drawers labeled by color... And I guarantee there is a pair of earrings (or two) in the trunk of my car, or a few bangles on the bathroom counter and the nightstand...

Needless to say, I think I've found my calling. It's only day number two at the new gig and I feel very comfortable in my new position. It's very creative and I work with a great group of people. I LOVE my new commute-I'm only three train stops and four blocks away. Everything just feels absolutely delightful!! I'm sure I'll have tons of exciting stories to share once I really get in the thick of things. But in the meantime, I'm going to devote a lot of time writing on Style Career Connect about networking and finding your passion. Without those two elements, you WILL NOT find or keep a job in this economic climate. Many of you have asked me about resume advice too, so I'll feed more into that subject as well. (Click here to read about my all-time FAVE ressy read.)

I can't sign off without a few shout-outs. I am beginning a new chapter in my life and career and I could not have done it alone...to Mommy, Daddy, Venus, Karen, Gary, Shaun, Sue, Leigh, Cristina, Janice, Renau, Janet, Cheney, Andrea, Courtney, Nubia, Alesha, Ezinne, Barbara Joi, Lauren, Ronni, Fastidious 48, Lakia, B. Kristina, Bakari, Wandra, Lois, Chanelle, Ashley, Rasha, Saburah, Kaia, Coach Dee Marshall at Raise the Bar, Michael Brown at Lord & Taylor, Nicole Cokley at Bloomingdale's, Robin Givhan at The Washington Post, Agnes Cammock & Charreah Jackson at Essence mag, Felicia Walker-Benson of ThisThatBeauty, Nichole Kirtley at L'Oreal, NJAC & Delta Zeta DST, BRAG, and my Young Savvy sisters...thank you all for being listening ears, resume and cover letter proofreaders, late-night cheerleaders, prayer warriors, advice givers, career counselors, lunch-date makers, contact connectors and the best group of friends, colleagues, sorors and mentors a girl could ever have! I love you all!


  1. Congrats Hun!!!!!!! now lets hit the gym to celebrate!!! :-) -Cat

  2. Congrats! this is fantastic and insporational to all young women who are looking. Thanks for the post!

  3. Congrats mama! I;m so proud of you! I really really am! Lets try (once again) to connect in Jersey when your schedule allows :)

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    Congrats on the new job!

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  5. wooooooooowhoooooooo!! Congrats sweetie! You are a true example that when you work hard, stay connected, and have faith...all things will fall in place. Feel free to send me any pieces you no longer wear! lol ;-) -Ezi

  6. I just stumbled across this and well...Congratulations and I love you.