Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Daisy Lewellyn's Top Three Tips for Career Success

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I am so excited! I am working with a new, A-MAZ-ING organization called Raise the Bar Young Savvy (RTBYS). It is a professional organization for women that offers leadership development, career building, and an opportunity to network with other fabulous women who are on-the-move!

One of those on-the-move women is Daisy Lewellyn. During the RTBYS monthly Power Call, she was our guest speaker and she was SO inspirational! This style maven has truly made her mark on the industry, working with celebs like Halle Berry and Courtney Cox. Daisy has also been featured as style expert on Good Morning America and worked at InStyle, Glamour, and Essence mags.

It was so encouraging to speak with Daisy. I was just so amazed by her drive and determination. Here are Daisy’s top three tips to being successful.

1.Be Humble. “No matter what career field you are in, you have to be humble. Even if you have in your heart that you want to be the boss, you have to do whatever it takes. That’s what set me apart from other interns when I first started out. I was just so honored to even be in the office of a magazine. You have to be willing to learn. Assume a level of ignorance so that there’s room to take in more information. You are there to make the lives of your boss easier.”

2. Have a personality. “You have to be a likeable person. People need to feel comfortable around you. Be aware of how you look and how you speak to people.”

3. Create your own knowledge. “If you studied business in college but you want to have a career in fashion, go out and find out whatever it is you need to know. If someone asks you something, there’s no ‘I don’t know’ in the fashion world. You have to be resourceful. Make the sacrifices and figure it out. Do whatever you have to do, because there will always be someone else who can find the answer and take your spot.”

Thank you so much Daisy for your kind words of wisdom! You can read more about Daisy on her website,

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  1. Thanks for the advice Nicole!!! You've got to find out what you need to know!!!